Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Is Our World

We are the few, or the many, depending upon how you look at it. We are powerless to impact change upon the world, or all powerful, depending upon what we do with it. I say - writers of the world, unite! And if you can do that...if you can see the scope of this vision, we will run things; and governments of the world will tremble at our feet.

I’m reminded of the film The Warriors . The opening scene has Cyrus extolling the assembled multitude to unite and take the power into their own hands, to run New York City. It’s an interesting concept. Now we have the opportunity to do the same thing. We are writers, editors, publishers, web designers. Individually we can reach hundreds or even thousands of followers. Together...we can reach millions.

We have the web. We can be PlayStation3, X-Box, Sirius Radio, Harry Potter, Steven King. We can get to everybody on the planet...if we play our cards right. Think of that. Think of a world where writers/artists can shape public opinion more so than talk radio, more so than government controlled media, or debates in Parliament, or back room deals in Washington. We can. And we will, if we join together. Right here, right now.

I want to start the world wide writer’s alliance. I want the 200 million members of Myspace to know who we are and listen to what we say. I want the 60 million members of Facebook to follow our words every day. I want the half million daily readers of Kos to recommend us to everyone they come in contact with. I want us to take over the world. Please join this effort and spread the idea to everyone you know. This is our world.